“Going Green” Painting Services

Protecting our Environment

We are uniquely blessed to both live and work in Southern California, with the beauty of the coast, mountain and desert ecosystems in our backyard. We feel a great sense of responsibility in preserving these natural gifts.

Traditional paints often contain solvents with high levels of VOC’s, or volatile organic compounds. VOC’s are gases that are emitted by a variety of solids or liquids and can have long term negative health effects. Paints with low levels of VOC’s put out no or very low levels of indoor air pollutants and reduce urban smog. The benefits of low VOC paints include low odor and clean air, and result in exceptional durability with a washable finish. Low-VOC paints include latex, recycled latex, acrylic or milk paints. We strive to use only the safest and best quality paints in order to protect and improve our beautiful west coast environment.

At Keith Monroe, we not only use environmentally friendly paints, but we strive to use every opportunity we can to protect our environment. As a green conscious painting company, we

  • Use only California EPA approved coatings and solvents
  • Train and practice proper cleaning and disposal of said coatings and solvents
  • Accurately estimate paint and finish quantities needed in order to minimize waste
  • Implement proper pressure washing procedures and use large filters to keep dirty water and all contaminants from reaching storm drains and runoff that would eventually make its way to wetlands and the ocean
  • We recycle all of the contaminated and dirty water.
  • Keep our carbon footprint to a minimum by scheduling employees to work close to their homes as possible

Existing Commercial Property

The company’s three principals, Keith Monroe, Randie Burrell and Eric Monrie are all avid surfers and watermen. We feel a great sense of responsibility in preserving the ocean waters.

Keith Monroe & Company is a proud member of the ocean protecting Surfrider Foundation. (http://www.surfrider.org/pages/mission)

The benefits of environmentally responsible paints and procedures are well worth it, for the current and future health of our environment and all those who live here. Let our team at Keith Monroe & Co. assist you in making your residential or commercial project green!